*Please note that some testimonials were written before my legal name change.

“Thank you for your perceptive and insightful comments. You quickly assessed my needs as a writer, and delivered line editing and structure analysis tailored to the specific areas where I need to focus. Your detailed and expansive discussion of such nuanced areas as Point of View and Character Voice were extremely helpful. Thanks again!”

C. Roy

*    *     *     *

“I am really enjoying a lot of your edits and comments. It’s interesting because some things I caught or changed when I went through the manuscripts again myself (after I sent them to you, I ended up reading through them again to clean up what I could while I waited), but a lot of the edits still apply. I also missed a POV change where I didn’t separate with a divider, I’m glad you caught that. For the first time in a long time, I am feeling better about the book.”

Sarah WaterRaven
Author of the Detective Docherty Series

*    *     *     *

“I thank you for your recent editing of my manuscript for my novel Metal Horses. I didn’t expect such a thorough and wonderful job. You covered every aspect; many more than I had thought about. Your editing has enlightened me and taught me much more than I previously knew. You covered everything in detail from missed punctuation and typos to settings, dialogue, plotting and beyond. There certainly will be a sequel and you’ll be the first one I call to edit it for me.”

Ray Mootrey
Author of Harry the Mole and Metal Horses
[Email excerpt re manuscript evaluation of Metal Horses. Published with permission.]

*    *     *     *

“I was lucky to find Abby Egerter. Not only is she well versed in my genre (science fiction — her science background is obvious), but she displayed an intimate knowledge of both writing and storytelling. I was impressed with her expertise and acuity; both her clear view of the big picture and her remarkable eye for detail. Her invaluable input helped me to hone my story in pleasing ways. I highly recommend her.”

G.W. Darcie
Author of The Mechanism Me

*    *     *     *

“It has been my pleasure to work with Abby over the past few years. Abby’s editorial changes are correct and thoughtful. Perhaps more importantly, Abby is diligent and efficient: she delivers when she says she will. What has impressed me the most about Abby’s work is that, despite the extreme level of detail needed for the tasks given to her, Abby produces high quality work in short turn-around times. I would not hesitate to recommend Abby as an editor!”

Peninah Brickman, J.D.
Content Development Lawyer

*    *     *     *

“I opened the document and immediately turned off the track changes display so that I wouldn’t see any of the coloured edit marks and just see the final product. Halfway through, I had to turn it all on again to make sure you hadn’t accidently sent me the original … The flow is now amazing.”

Vanessa Ricci-Thode
Author of Dragon Whisperer
[Email excerpt re substantive edit of “Breathe”. Published with permission.]

*    *     *     *

“I had a fantastic experience having Abby edit my work. Her professionalism and the quality of her editing work gave me confidence that I could rely on her for proofreading and copy editing, allowing me to focus on substantive issues in content. Moreover, her careful reading and excellent suggestions caught errors and confusing forms of expression that I would not have caught. Given that I write using technical typesetting software, it was a huge help for Abby to be willing to directly edit the source code, reducing significantly the complexity of my editing process. Working on a large project under a tight, fixed deadline can be a stressful enterprise, but working with Abby, who seemingly effortlessly kept up with sometimes large volumes of complex writing, helped enormously to minimize the stress and ensure that everything was finished well and on time.”

Dr. Robert Moir
Author of Structures in Real Theory Application: A Study in Feasible Epistemology

*    *     *     *

“I am grateful to Abby Egerter, proprietor of Quills and Queries Editing, for providing me with expert editing advice during the writing of my book.”

Andrea Baston
Author of Curing Tuberculosis in Muskoka: Canada’s First Sanatoria

*    *     *     *

“Abby Egerter was a most valuable assistant in the development of the website Whitehern Museum Archives: http://www.whitehern.ca. I became very confident in her ability as a writer, editor and researcher, and her work contributed to the development of my book Tragedy & Triumph: Ruby & Thomas B. McQuesten, and theatrical productions.  She did much of the historical research for some of the explanatory footnotes that were added to the letters on the website and took a proprietary interest in the work, donating her time and expertise to the projects. Abby is very capable of assessing the requirements of the immediate task and of working on her own, as well as working well with others as a supervisor.  As the project drew to a close and funding was no longer available, I was very sorry to see her go. I would not hesitate to hire her again, if she were available.”

Mary Anderson, Ph.D.
Webmaster; Author of Tragedy & Triumph: Ruby & Thomas B. McQuesten

*    *     *     *

“Abby Egerter is an exceptional writer and editor. She played an integral role in the preparation of the proposal made to the Ontario Trillium Foundation on behalf of the East Toronto Basketball Association (ETBA) by powerfully conveying the need and benefit that the grant would have on impacted youth and their communities. Her belief and support of our cause in assisting at-risk youth from Toronto’s priority neighborhoods was very evident in her writing and editing. The ETBA would be more than grateful to further collaborate with Abby on future projects and we highly recommend her services.”

Michael Opoku
Member of the ETBA Leadership

*    *     *     *

“Abby Egerter edited the third edition of Implementing Estate Freezes (CCH Canadian Limited). Although one would think that the third edition of an estate planning reference book would be relatively routine, there was a complication: just as I was about finalize the book, I had a stroke and spent a month in the hospital. I remember meeting with my assistant in the intensive care unit at the hospital to go through galleys — and then shipping them off to Abby. (I am sure the staff at the Toronto Western remember it as well.) From there, Abby continued editing, and the book was published within three months after I was originally hospitalized.  Those who are familiar with the effects of a stroke will appreciate the extra effort which was required on Abby’s part — much appreciated.”

David Louis, B. Com, J. D., C.A.
Tax Partner, Minden Gross LLP; author of Implementing Estate Freezes