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The Mark of a Good Writer

You’ll find plenty of opinions about what makes good writing, but there are as many opinions as there are readers, and they range from technical critiques to personal raves, with many being a mix of the two. You probably won’t … Continue reading

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Rules, Shmules?

People like to talk about rules. Rules are supposed to make things clear and easy, and knowing the rules makes you look smart. But are there really rules of writing? Continue reading

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Type While the Idea is Hot — Or At Least Lukewarm and Fermented

I like to write. Editing is a great career, but writing has been a wonderful hobby and sometime escape. Nonetheless, I go through long periods where I don’t write at all or can’t finish a paragraph before give up on what I have concluded is a defective story, essay, or poem. In fact, I don’t publish blog articles half as often as I should because I’m ridiculously critical of my own writing. (Sound familiar?) However, I’ve decided to pick up the pen once more. Continue reading

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Words, Words, Words

I was the weird, awkward kid, the one who always had a book or magazine on hand, and not necessarily content written for my age group — by the time I was thirteen, I had read everything Stephen King had … Continue reading

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