Selected Works

My experience includes editing and writing text for both print and digital publications in diverse fields of knowledge, as well as creating and editing multimedia projects, such as PowerPoint presentations for lectures.


Novel: The Mechanism Me
(release pending)

G.W. Darcie, a clinical psychologist by day and author by night, asked me to provide a manuscript evaluation of his science fiction novel, which was to be the first in a trilogy. In addition to the usual concerns about narrative structure, characterization, point of view, etc., I reviewed the scientific terms and concepts that were employed and flagged any issues that I thought might risk the credibility of an otherwise exceptional story.

Various short stories
(anthology submissions, print)

I worked with published author Vanessa Ricci-Thode by editing her short stories while she was completing her latest novel. I copy edited “In a Name” and “The Wind’s Fury”. For “Breathe”, I suggested more significant structural changes to focus the story and smooth out the flow of the action, and then copy edited the final version.

Tax, Accounting, and Financial Reports

Financial Reports (including management reports of fund performance)
(all media)

I work with Extension Marketing and help them prepare both regulatory and non-regulatory financial reports for their clients. I receive the required information and arrange the content so that it suits the format required for the specific type of report. In addition, I ensure that each section is clearly written and free of jargon.

Books, Newsletters, Monthly Reporters
(print and digital publications; multimedia)

For two years, I worked as an in-house copy editor at CCH Canadian (now part of Wolters Kluwer), where I edited numerous books, reporters, and newsletters on the topics of tax and financial planning. I was responsible for copy editing content; communicating regularly with authors; keeping track of the receipt and progress of book chapters and articles to be published; tagging content in SGML or XML as needed; and verifying that materials were formatted correctly for both print and digital publications.

I also worked with CCH Canadian on a freelance basis, updating various products to reflect recent court cases and amendments to legislation and regarding tax and securities.

Canadian History

Book: Curing Tuberculosis in Muskoka: Canada’s First Sanatoria
(print publication)

Andrea Baston’s debut book describes the history of Canada’s first tuberculosis sanatoria and the community of patients, doctors, and nurses who relentlessly fought tuberculosis in these institutions during the twentieth century. I provided a manuscript assessment, and once Andrea made the substantive revisions she thought best, I copy edited the manuscript and created a style sheet that was appropriate for this book and any related publications.

Web Content, Lecture Material, Research
(website; performances and presentations; multimedia)

At Hamilton Heritage Arts, I spent more than three years as a content editor for a website about the influential but tragic McQuesten family of Hamilton, Ontario, and helped publish thousands of letters and hundreds of photographs from Whitehern Historic House and Gardens. I selected and transcribed primary source historical documents from the Whitehern archives; proofread content; researched secondary source materials; and contributed written content and visual media to the website and related presentations, including public lectures and an original play.


Book: Dante’s Idea Of Friendship: The Transformation Of A Classical Concept
(print publication)

I copy edited Dante’s Idea of Friendship for the University of Toronto Press, Scholarly Publishing Division, to ensure the author’s ideas were clearly presented while preserving her writing style. Additionally, I checked that references to all supporting texts were complete and presented consistently so that readers could more easily locate each work cited in the author’s extensive bibliography.

PhD Dissertation: Structures in Real Theory Application: A Study in Feasible Epistemology
(digital publication)

I copy edited and proofread Robert Moir’s philosophy of science dissertation, in which he examined examples from actual scientific practice to argue that epistemology of science should look to the methods of applied mathematics for new and more effective approaches to the study of scientific methods. This turned out to be an unusual job, as Robert continued to revise some sections of his very complex thesis until the submission deadline, posing significant challenges for both of us. Additionally, the project had a very tight deadline. To manage potential difficulties, I maintained close contact with Robert so that I could continually adapt to the unique challenges of the circumstances and produce the best results possible.

[I am very pleased to announce that Robert received his hard-earned PhD in August 2013. Congratulations, Dr. Moir!]

Industry and Manufacturing

(print publication)

I regularly edited Canerector Inc.’s quarterly newsletter, The Steel Press from its inaugural edition in May 2011 until February 2013. I performed both copy and stylistic editing to eliminate grammar and spelling errors and to ensure that the articles were written clearly and concisely in a friendly, conversational tone. When proofs were provided, I checked the final formatting as well. Although the bulk of this work is now performed in-house, I continue to provide editing services on request.

Non-Profit Sector

Funding Proposal

In fall 2012, I edited a funding proposal for the East Toronto Basketball Association (ETBA), a local non-profit organization that works with at-risk youth. I provided substantive, stylistic, and copy editing services to ensure that all of the funding organization’s questions were addressed in a direct and concise manner. I also recommended that the proposal describe the organization’s goals and values more explicitly, and to my client’s delight, I was able to suggest some revisions and small additions that greatly clarified the ETBA’s purpose and improved its chances of receiving funding. The overall result was a robust and compelling description of the organization’s work.