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Hopping the Fence: When an Editor Writes

I’m an editor. I get a manuscript, dissertation, or textbook and I dig into the words to root out fluff and transplant content from areas where its meaning is obscured in shadow to places where the light hits it more … Continue reading

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Type While the Idea is Hot — Or At Least Lukewarm and Fermented

I like to write. Editing is a great career, but writing has been a wonderful hobby and sometime escape. Nonetheless, I go through long periods where I don’t write at all or can’t finish a paragraph before give up on what I have concluded is a defective story, essay, or poem. In fact, I don’t publish blog articles half as often as I should because I’m ridiculously critical of my own writing. (Sound familiar?) However, I’ve decided to pick up the pen once more. Continue reading

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Write Away: Why I Put Pen to Paper (Er, Fingers to Keyboard)

The concept is simple: answer these four questions and tag three writers to do the same. Writing about writing (“second order writing”) is a great way make yourself write something, and the “hopping” encourages others to do the same Continue reading

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Words, Words, Words

I was the weird, awkward kid, the one who always had a book or magazine on hand, and not necessarily content written for my age group — by the time I was thirteen, I had read everything Stephen King had … Continue reading

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The Tyranny of Words

It doesn’t really matter what you’re writing, whether it’s a brief news article, a short story, or a mammoth doctoral thesis — writing can be stress Continue reading

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