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Hiring Your (Near) Perfect Editor

So you’ve written a book (awesome!) and you’ve given it at least one critical read to catch plot holes, poor characterization, unclear writing, and so on (fantastic!). You’re reasonably confident that your writing is publishable, but you’re not sure what … Continue reading

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Brave New Publishing World — Whither Shalt Thou Publish? Part II

While it’s worth trying to get the attention of big publishers, it’s a long, tough haul and there are certainly no guarantees. This is not to say that you should give up on the dream — many authors have succeeded despite multiple rejections — but remember that you do have other options and, believe or not, those other options might be better for you. Continue reading

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Tangled Web: The World of Online Publishing

Granted, it’s tough to make a living in the arts … but there’s no reason why that should be. So why do so many brilliant writers of fiction and non-fiction alike struggle to pull themselves out of the shadows? Is this just a general artistic malaise or is there something peculiarly Canadian going on — or going wrong — here? Continue reading

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